İstiklal Street

Istiklal Street is the most lively and original street of Istanbul. That is why, it is one of the symbols of Istanbul. It is the main street and in the middle of Beyoğlu, one of the historical attractions of Istanbul. Taksim Square is located at the start of the street, and Tunnel Square in the other end. Nostalgic tram runs between these squares along the street.

The street and side streets around are the entertainment and art centre of the city. Entertainment and art places such as cinemas, theatres, bars, restaurants and taverns are located in this region.

Besides, a number of social/public events are held in the Taksim Square and Istiklal Street.

Shaping of today’s Beyoğlu occurred particularly after the nineteenth century. Following the Edict of Gulhane (the Hatt-ı Sharif of Gulhane) in 1839, westernization progressed faster, and Beyoğlu became a gate to the West. After this period, Beyoğlu had become the region for the efforts to reach the west in terms of culture. Cultural institutions such as the first opera hall, first cinemas, and theatre buildings opened in this region. [1]

One can see the cosmopolitan and colourful side of the region coming from the past even today. The region is a must-see attraction for visitors today.


[1] Beyoğlu (Beyoğlu ve Kısa Geçmişi), Özdemir Kaptan (Arkan), Aybay Yayınları, İstanbul, 1988